Late Mr. Hemprakash Khale

In the early 1970s, a visionary was set out on a mission to make his mark. Coming from a humble origin, Hemprakash entered the wedding industry and grew exponentially.

Hemprakash was driven by passion to ensure each wedding and celebration is outstanding. He believed in making each wedding the most special day, in true sense, for his clients. His personal touch for all the events, coupled with his awe-inspiring vision to create culinary masterstrokes, was deeply appreciated by clients as well as guests.

Rucha Hemprakash Khale

The next-gen in the family business, Rucha is a Computer Engineer and MBA from S P Jain School of Global Management. Having worked in various IT MNCs, she quit her corporate job to join her family business.

Rucha envisions carrying her father's legacy ahead with the same passion for accomplishing spectacular events. Her drive for perfection makes sure the event is well planned and organized. And to top it all, she personally pays attention to the minute details of every event.

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